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Massive Mudslide Severs
Malibu Peninsula

Heavy winter rains cause a massive slide, severing Point Dume from the mainland and creating a new offshore island. Peninsula residents say they like the privacy.

by George Wolfe

MALIBU, Ca. –— The second wettest Southern California winter on record is still taking its toll. As million dollar houses continue to slide down hillsides in such areas as Culver City and parts of Orange County, Malibu now owns the title for worst mudslide disaster of the winter.

Accumulated wetness in the hills along Pacific Coast Highway combined with a new storm front caused a massive mudslide, severing the entire peninsula and creating an offshore island.

"It was like all Hell broke loose -- or at least a part of it."

—— Angela Patton-Gouldsby, witness

"I looked out my window,"” said one witness, Angela Patton-Gouldsby, “"and it was like all Hell broke loose -- or at least a part of it. The whole mountain caved in, just above the cusp of the hill there at Heathercliff Drive, near Cooke's shopping center."”

The mudslide created a cliff-like fissure that debris cascaded down into – other debris spilled out into the ocean at Zuma Beach, causing a watery gap between the mainland and the peninsula.

Amazingly, no one was killed in the slide thanks to the efforts of self-appointed town crier and local homeless man who goes by the name of Sig.

“I felt the tremors, so I stripped down naked and ran around telling everyone that judgment day was nigh and that they needed to get the hell out of there,” Sig said. “I mean, whatever works, right?”

Point Dume peninsula residents voiced mixed reactions to the event. Heated debates have already begun about whether to build a bridge to re-connect to the mainland, or to use some form of water taxi service. Many residents said they looked forward to the privacy of being an island community.

A preliminary vote was taken about re-naming the new island. The first place winner?:
Isle of Dume.



GOING STRAIT: Aerial photos show the effects of the enormous mudslide that created Malibu Straits and the Isle of Dume.




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Massive Mudslide Severs Malibu Peninsula