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Ovitz Recants Statement,
Places Blame on Lesbian Mafia

The former mega-player in the biz recants accusation away from gays and specifies lesbians as the real target of his wrath.

by George Wolfe

HOLLYWOOD –— Michael Ovitz, the founder of Creative Artists Agency who complained earlier this year of the "Gay Mafia" keeping him down and out of the biz, today issued a clarification regarding his former accusations.

"You know, ever since that damn article came out I've gotten a lot of flack," says Ovitz, "and for what? It was simply a little slip of the tongue —— these things happen. People have me all wrong. In fact, I didn't mean to say the Gay Mafia at all. I really meant the Lesbian Mafia. They're ten times worse. I won't name names, but believe me, you don't want to get on their bad side!"

Asked how this could be, given the widely acknowledged lack of women in management positions in Hollywood, Ovitz responded vehemently, "Look, if I say they're out there, they're out there!"




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