boulderdash n: a road game played by California drivers during the wet season <Penelope called her friend to tell her about the ~ that was already underway along Pacific Coast Highway.> -more-





occupational haggard n: 1. the appearance a person gets depending upon his or her occupation. <The mechanical repetition of the copy shop and working the graveyard shift turned Lloyd into an ~. >

Ovalteen n: a chubby teenager <Johnny was a slender child, but an ~.> —Bob Arbogast, Mariposa, Ca.

peripathetic adj: an inability to travel by foot <Mildred and Henry were simply addicted to their cars in a ~ sort of way.>

pesticidal maniac n: one who uses pesticides liberally <Armed with a can of Raid in one hand and Weed Killer in the other, Ned was a real ~.>

phoney n: someone obsessed with telephonic behavior <Daisy hadn't been in Hollywood more than three weeks before she broke down and bought a cellphone. She felt like such a ~.>

penal reform n: Viagra <In a last desperate attempt at ~, Don filled the prescription.> —Carole Easton, Venice, Ca.

penile dementia n: When a man can't remember a particular sexual encounter. <Faced with articles detailing alleged sexual encounters, Arnold was suddenly struck with ~.>

Placentia n: a California town named for its tradition of planting post-natal placentas beneath new trees <~ is an historic town steeped in curious rituals.>

politicotrichotillomania n: the impulse to pullout one's own hair due to the political process <Every time the Democratic activist heard the term "flip-flop," he was struck by a bad case of the ubiquitous malady known as ~.>

premature evaporation n: the untimely evaporation of a body of liquid <Big though it is, the Salton Sea is a victim of ~.>

pre-traumatic stress disorder n: a neurotic disease brought about by potentially impending catastrophic events <After hearing reports of possible domestic terrorism come Fall, Melinda tore up her voter registration card. Her therapist diagnosed her with ~.>

psychoanalytic converter n: a therapist who practices Freudian psychoanalysis on the road <Rhonda fought off bad drivers and tears as her ~ really put some tough questions to her.>












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