boulderdash n: a road game played by California drivers during the wet season <Penelope called her friend to tell her about the ~ that was already underway along Pacific Coast Highway.> -more-





gasectomy n: the actual or perceived loss of fossil fuel <Every time Daisy drove her husband's SUV, she felt as if she'd undergone a ~.>

geographically unfeasible (a.k.a. "GU") n: a relationship which won't work due to the difficulty of commuting <Ethel was adorable, but she lived in Glendale! That killed it for me —— totally ~ — — hell, I live in Santa Monica!> [source: Caitlin Liu, LAT, Feb-04]

going native v: the return to old habits when revisiting L.A. <Sally realized she was ~ when she'd been on Beverly Boulevard for an hour and hadn't made eye contact with a single soul.> ——Val Blaha, Yamhill, Ore.

greedlock n: paralysis brought on by widespread greed <The tech bubble of the late '90s saw rampant ~, resulting in twisted financial wreckage.> ——Thea Mercouffer, Santa Monica, Ca.

Grosserie n: a French market with sub-par refrigeration <Hey, the bleu cheese is already fuzzy! Did you get it from that ~ ?> —— Carole Easton, Venice, Ca.

gynecology n: the study of Mother Earth <Tina from Topanga said she was a Wicca who practiced ~.>

hairjacking n: a forceful or violent bad-hair experience <When Daisy showed up for work, there was little doubt among her co-workers that she was a ~ victim.>

hair secession n: 1. when hair departs from the scalp 2. split ends 3. syn [see SECEDING HAIRLINE] <Lloyd looked into the mirror and beheld the ~, already in progress.>

heliophobia n: a fear of helicopters. <Three hours worth of news and police helicopters over his apartment triggered Lloyd's ~.>

Hmongous adj: a large gathering of Laotians <In Long Beach, I went to a ~ party.>

Hollywood brownout n: kissing ass to further one's career in Hollywood <At the New Year's party, Billy's desperation for success led him to commit a ~ every other conversation.>

homeopsychopathic adj: homicidal tendencies brought about by homeopathic medicine <Ryan's defense lawyers claimed he became ~ after a prolonged Gingko binge.>

hypertasking n: constant or manic multi-tasking <At the height of his ~, Mo could talk on the phone, fry an egg, watch TV, study a textbook and ride a unicycle all at once.>

inbedded v: to be in bed with, esp. in the media/military manner <Roger Pitman, a reporter for a major news network, was ~ with the troops in Iraq. When he awoke and realized what he'd done, he felt cheap and used.>

information freeway n: <After the tech bubble burst, the information highway looked more like an ~, with clogged arteries and stranded individuals.>

Inglewood n: a type of golf club, made from the wood of an Ingle tree <Norton, old fellow, do be so kind as to hand me the ~ !>

Iranic adj: ironic things having to do with Iran <It's ~ that we supported the Shah, then aided Iraq in conquering Iran.>

Iraqnophobia n: <Though uncertain about finding evidence to justify invasion of Iraq, one thing seems increasingly certain: Bush succeeded at instilling widespread ~ into the American populace.>












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